Turning Your Dreams into Reality

Press Release: ALLEN, TEXAS December 05, 2016 — “This may be the finest opportunity ever”, states marketing icon, Mike McDonald.  After more than three decades as a leader in the Network Marketing Industry, Mike and his wife Verna have become involved with Dallin Larsen, founder of the new startup Vasayo.

You are one of the first in the world to hear about Vasayo that's destined to become a global brand. People are coming out of retirement to be part of this NEW Health and Nutrition Company with distruptive technology that is now in pre-launch in the US and Canada.  Dallin and Karree Larsen have founded two incredible companies including MonaVie, which was taken to the Billion Dollar mark. Under Dallin’s leadership, MonaVie was also recognized as the number one fastest growing company in the Inc. 500 Food & Beverage category in only its fifth year of existence.

Now, Dallin and Karree Larsen just prelaunched on December 5, 2016 what they call their final legacy--Vasayo!  As an acronym, Vasayo stands for Vision, Action and Steadiness Assures Your Outcome!

Vasayo will start with five core products that will create renewed health and life-changing income for thousands of people who share this opportunity due to the proprietary technology of our nano-tech delivery method of delivering nutritional supplements directly into the blood stream.  No other company has this – and we have the world-wide rights to market this proprietary technology to deliver the right nutrients with the right delivery to show an increased bioavailability. You can bet this company is going to smash all of the records out there!

The problem that many people face is that most supplements on the market aren't really designed to be properly absorbed into their body--so most of the supplements are being released out of their body as waste.  As many of you know,  most people need to take a daily supplement because  our food source, which includes overly processed foods and a wordwide soil crisis, is no longer supplying us with what our bodies need to grow and thrive. Moreover, an apple today versus one you could eat 50 years ago has been zapped of its inherent nutrients because our soils are so nutritionally depleted and void of the essential nutrients and micro-nutrients your body needs to help fight against inflammation and other chronic diseases.  This is no doubt a worldwide crisis.

Vasayo is offering you a simple and affordable solution to help give your body what it needs.  Vasayo's starting line-up includes FIVE cutting-edge products that are all designed to be absorbed by your body as they deliver the nutrients where your body needs them most. When you start taking Vasayo vitamins and nutritional supplements, you experience roughly 90% greater absorption rate in your body!

Vasayo is now in pre-launch in the US and Canada.  So NOW is the time to secure your TOP SPOT: https://mavco.vasayo.com/   .  When enrolling on this secure link, you will be asked for your credit card information for Vasayo's $49.95 enrollment fee, which covers the cost of your back office, mobile app to run your new business and a few other marketing items. You can also select a Builder's Pack. But PLEASE note that your credit card will NOT be charged anything until Vasayo launches on January 3rd. JOIN HERE:  https://mavco.vasayo.com/enrollment 

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